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Teacher and Instructor Training Courses

Our education programmes provide a means of developing an edge, not only through the acquisition of a gold-standard education and training qualification, but through involvement in cutting-edge masters-level academic research.

In addition to supporting the next generation of aviation training professionals, we specialise in teacher and instructor training for lifelong learning, ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​including: 14+; Further and Higher Education; Sixth Form Colleges; and Business and Industry Training Departments.

Train with us at Gloucestershire Airport for a chance to advance your career and become qualified to work in a wide range of education and training settings.

This is Aeros

Established in 1986, we have bases in Cardiff, Coventry, Gloucester, Wellesbourne and Doncaster, and have an enviable reputation as the UK’s leading modular flight training school.


Join our Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Training Courses and

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PGCE teacher training partnership with the University of Huddersfield.

Get a tax-free bursary of up to £26,000 just to train!

Aeros Group announces cutting-edge PGCE teacher training partnership with the University of Huddersfield.


The Aeros Group has announced the successful validation of their partnership with the University of Huddersfield to deliver a new gold-standard, pedagogical approach to aviation and education training, designed to provide innovative career opportunities for all those involved, both within and without the aviation sector, and to allow the talents of current and potential aviation instructors to be fully recognised as qualified teachers in mainstream education and top industry training departments.

The specialist PGCE and CertEd courses, to be delivered at the Aeros Gloucestershire Airport campus, provide routes for all aviation-related trainees and professionals, whether or not they have an existing university degree, and are designed to: provide a competitive edge for individuals applying for initial airline employment; support the career progression of existing aviation professionals within the aviation sector; and ensure that successful graduates are also qualified to work in a wide range of non-aviation education and training roles, at any point in the future, if they so desire. 

Applicants will have the option of specialising in aviation-related and/or mainstream academic/vocational subjects, to reflect the highest aspirations of the individual. This course is also available to individuals from a variety of non-aviation sectors, who wish to qualify to work in education and training, related to their own individual field of expertise.

Our University Courses


Not only is funding provided for tuition fees and living expenses through Student Finance but a tax-free government bursary of up to £26,000 is also available for applicants specialising in certain shortage subjects. Individuals may choose to focus on more than one subject, and applicants are welcome to specialise in both aviation training and mainstream education subjects, ensuring the widest possible employment opportunities.

Available Courses


The training courses that will be offered (with the first intake to start in September 2022) are:

• Certificate in Education - CertEd

• Professional Graduate Certificate in Education - PGCE

• Postgraduate Certificate in Education – PGCE(M)

• Postgraduate Diploma in Education - PgDipE

Those engaged in the more advanced courses, will have the opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge, Master’s-level research, focussing on the effect of teaching and learning on aviation outcomes.

The Aeros Group is the only UK CAA/EASA ATO (approved training organisation) within the aviation sector to offer this level of teacher training within a university partnership.

Hear from our Aeros & Huddersfield University Directors ...


Aryan Arji, Aeros Group Director of Education, who negotiated the partnership says, “I am delighted that this cutting-edge programme will make graduates more competitive for aviation sector careers, support the career progression of those working within the sector, and will qualify individuals to work in a wide range of sectors, including Education & Skills; and industry training departments.”

Dr Lynn Senior, Consortium Director at the University of Huddersfield commented, “This is a really exciting partnership for the university and will provide professional training and recognition for trainers in the aviation sector with the added benefits of opening up doors to further career progression.”

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