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Licence Conversions

ICAO Annex 1 Licence Conversion

ICAO Annex 1 licence holders are able to convert their existing licence to an EASA part-FCL licence. Certain conditions apply to such conversions and existing qualifications and experience may be taken into account. A more detailed explanation can be found at EASA Easy Access Rules for Aircrew Licencing.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The EASA member state which holds the applicant’s medical records will be the EASA state of licence issue (SOLI), i.e. the country that will issue the licence.

Licence Conversions at Cat3C

Conversion to EASA ATPL

ICAO Annex 1 ATPL holders are exempt from undertaking a formal course of study with an EASA ATO, but only if they meet the following criteria:


Hold a valid and current ICAO Annex 1 ATPL

Hold a current and valid type rating on a multi-crew aircraft, recognised as such by EASA in EASA CS-25 (Certification Standards-25)


Hold a current EASA Class One Medical Certificate*

*This is issued by the EASA member country that will issue the EASA licence.


1,500 hours total

500 hours multi-crew

250 hours PIC (or 500 hours PICUS, or 70 hours PIC + 180 hours PICUS)

200 hours cross country

75 hours instrument

100 hours night


PIC = Pilot in Command

PICUS = Pilot in Command Under Supervision

English Language Proficiency

A valid and current English Language Proficiency Certificate at Level 4, 5 or 6 must be held. It is your responsibility to check that this will be recognised by the state of licence issue.

***Provided the above qualifications and experience requirements are met, the ICAO Annex 1 holder can self-certify to attempt the EASA ATPL examinations.***

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