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If you’re looking for a modular commercial pilot training program that will allow you to control your schedule so you can train to get your commercial pilots licence around your work and family, where you can pay as you learn then our Fastrack modular CPL training program is perfect for you. 

Fastrack Commercial Flight Training

  • Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) 

  • Multi Engine Piston rating (MEP) -

  • Multi Engine Instrument rating (MEIR) 

  • Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) 

The second phase of the Fastrack Modular Course.

Course Overview - Phase 2 

The first phase of the Fastrack Modular

Course Overview - Phase 1

  • Private Pilots Licence (PPL) 

  • Air Transport Pilots Licence  Theory Exam (ATPL) - (Optional residential or Distance course)]

  • Structured Hours Building 

  • Instrument Rating Restricted (IRR) 

  • Night Rating (NR) 

Fastrack is our modular commercial pilot training course that allows you to structure your training around your life. Unlike traditional courses which require you to have access to up to a minimum of £100,000 to get your licences and ratings, Fastrack allows you to pay as you learn, allowing you to put your journey to becoming a fully qualified Commercial Pilot on the fast track, without sacrificing your family life or finances.

Graduates of our Fastrack course have a placement palace of 97%, meaning that not only can we get you trained, but you’ll be on track to getting a job with some of the leading airlines that operate in the British Market such as British Airways, Ryan Air and Easy Jet.

Fastrack – Modular Commercial Pilot Training

Contact Us

Our friendly team are available to discuss how you can start your commercial pilot career with our modular course and guidance

  • Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) - 15 hours in a 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) or Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Complex Aircraft

  • Multi Engine Piston rating (MEP) - 6 Hours in a Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Aircraft Diamond DA42 & 7 hours ground school 

  • Multi Engine Instrument rating (MEIR) - 15 hours  in a Diamond DA42 & 20 hours in an Alsim AL42

  • Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) - 3 hours in a Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aerobatic Aircraft

Below outlines the number of hours needed to complete each module.

Course Detail - Phase 2

  • Private Pilots Licence (PPL) - 45 hours in Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft 

  • Structured Hours Building - 90 hours in Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft

  • Air Transport Pilots Licence  Theory Exam (ATPL) - (Optional residential or Distance course)] 14 theory subjects.

  • Instrument Rating Restricted (IRR) - 15 hours in a 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP)

  • Night Rating (NR) - 5 hours in a 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP)

Below outlines the number of hours needed to complete each module.

Course Detail - Phase 1

Why Fastrack - Modular vs Integrated Flight Training

Traditional flight training courses which allow you to become a Commercial Pilot are time consuming and expensive. Known as integrated flight Training, it’s structured similarly to going to a school. You book in on the course, having had to pay for everything in one go, and then your training happens all at once. Everything else in your life becomes second to your flight training course.


We’ve always believed that there was a better way to train people to be commercial pilots, and to make becoming a commercial pilot a much more accessible career path for the average person.  That’s why we structure our modular flight training program to:

1) Use a pay as you learn model


On the Fastrack course you’ll be able to pay for the modules you take as you take them.  You won’t be forced to pay for everything in one go. This allows you more financial freedom to get trained and it not take over your life.


2) Fit your training around your life


We don’t accept that you have to sacrifice your life to get become a commercial pilot. We believe it’s possible to arrange your training around the rest of your life, which is what our modular training program does. This means you can continue to work while you train, making your finances healthier, and allowing you to have a  life outside of your flight training.


3) Have an obvious path to take you from flight enthusiast to full blown commercially licenced pilot.


Because our Fastrack modular training program covers a wide range of modules we can help you organise your training to follow the path that works best for you and your career ambitions. All of ur modules are grouped into areas of commonality, allowing you to focus your time and energy on the sections of the course that are most important to you at that time, rather than have to deal with everything at the same time.

Your Fastrack Journey to a Commercial Pilot

We pride ourselves on being able to assist you at every stage of your journey to becoming a 

Commercially licensed pilot, that means we can:

  • Help you find a CAA accredited medical examiner to get your health clearance to learn to fly

  • Arrange your Ground School so you can learn your theory

  • Provide you with instructors to teach you how to fly


This approach means we can work with you regardless of how much experience you have. If you’re brand new and have never flown, we can help you get started on your journey, but equally, we can help people who started their training elsewhere and just need to complete a few final modules before getting their licence.


Most important though we’ll be able to provide you with access to the aircrafts that will enable you to get the required hours in a plane so that you can become a fully accredited pilot. Each module has different requirements for how  many hours you need to be flying, but we’ll make sure you get everything you need to meet the in air requirements to get your licence.


The Modules covered by our Fastrack modular flight training course are broken down into two groups, these are as follows:

 AEROs Locations - Where do I study Fastrack?

Aeros prides itself on having flight schools all over the UK. Which means that your core flight training can happen at any of our academies.


Certain modules of the course are only offered at specific locations. For instance if you were looking to do your ATPL Ground school in person then you’d need to attend our Gloucester and Leeds Academy. ATPL learning can also be done via distance learning. 


Academy open days

Our doors are always open for a chat and a cuppa, but our open days are special. You'll get the chance to speak with students, instructors, and our first officer graduates who fly for the airlines, all while touring one of our academies and seeing the training aircraft up close. Keep an eye on our news section and social media for information on our upcoming open days.

Talk to our Career Advisors

Our Career and Training Advisory Team are always on hand to talk you through your training options and offer clear and concise advice on your flight training journey. You can get in touch with them directly by contacting any of our academies here.

Our students success

Our graduates fly for a huge variety of airlines and we feel privileged to have helped so many students achieve the role of First Officer and start their airline career. Our graduates fly for British Airways, Ryanair, easyJet, Turkish, Norwegian and Emirates to name just a few.

Aeros Graduates Success

Why Train With  AEROs

With over 30 years  of experience teaching pilots to fly Aeros is one of the leading flight schools in the UK and we bring that experience to bear for every student we work with. Thats one of the reasons we have a 97% placement rate for students getting a job after competing our CPL training courses.


Unlike other flight schools, we also offer top class career advise that will not only help you get a job, but will even help you choose what sort of courses should go into your modular course based on what your career goals are. 

AEROs Tour & Enrolment

 If you’re interested in learning more about our Fastrack Modular Commercial Pilots training then please feel free to contact us and to talk our career advisors on an exploratory call. 


Or if you’d like to see our flights schools in person you can attend one of our Academy open days, where you’ll get a chance to speak to students,  and graduates, whilst seeing the aircraft up close and person. Makes sure to keep an eye on our news section and social media for information on our upcoming open days.

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