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  • Aeros Simulator Experience

Simulator Experience


How would you like to take control of a light aircraft simulator and experience flying one of our carefully crafted Alsim AL42 Simulators that is used for Commercial Training?


If you are an aspiring pilot, our simulator sessions are a good way of getting a taste of what it’s like to fly. You will be directed by one of our experienced simulator instructors which will allow you to get the most out of your experience


This simulator session offers a seamlessly ‘real life’ flying experience but in the safety of being on the ground. It allows you to understand as a pilot what you need to be aware of as well as gaining experience of what it’s like flying in certain weather conditions.


Our simulator sessions are perfect for practicing with aircraft controls and give you an insight into what it’s actually like to fly in real life.

  • Our digital gift vouchers are blank so you can print them off and write the details of your purchase, and a message, on them.

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