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A commercial pilot licence allows you to be paid to fly commercially.  Typically completed over a three week course consisting of 25 hours.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

What is a Commercial Pilot Licence? (CPL) 

The Commercial Pilot Licence, or CPL, is one of the final stages in the training of a commercial pilot. Whether wanting to fly for airlines, corporate jets, bush flying or any other form of commercial aviation, the commercial pilot's licence is your starting point.

As a prospective commercial pilot, during your CPL training course you will be expected to develop and progress into a professional, capable pilot. While still giving the normal flexible and approachable Aeros mentality to you and your training, our team and your instructor will develop you into the diligent pilot that an airline wants to hire.

Despite being one of the most important parts of the process, the course of training towards a Commercial Pilot Licence is mostly designed to enhance and refine skills that you likely already have. The step from a private pilot to a commercial pilot is a big one, and the CPL training course ensures that you can meet the standards that are expected.

A full Commercial Pilot Licence training course with Aeros is 25 hours of instruction on either a multi-engine or a complex aircraft, as is your preference.  Some elements which are covered in the training are:

  • VFR navigation

  • Communications

  • Basic instrument flight

  • Airspace transits

  • General handling

  • Emergency scenarios

Much of this you will have covered countless times before; right from the beginning of your flight training. However, the Commercial Pilot Licence changes the way you deal with these elements of flight, and the level of professionalism and accuracy that you are flying with.

Commercial Pilot Licence Overview

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Our friendly team are available to discuss how you can start your commercial pilot career with our modular course and guidance

To enrol for a commercial pilot licence course, a list of pre-entry requirements must be adhered to: 

  • ​100hrs of pilot in command time

  • 150hrs of total flight time

  • Class 1 medical

  • Night rating

  • 300nm CPL Cross-country qualifying flight

  • MEP class rating training (for multi-engine course students)

  • CPL/ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations

  • PPL (A)

Course Pre-entry Requirements

As a student enrolling on a commercial pilot licence course, what do you get during and after the course has been completed?

  • Develop from a knowledgeable and competent private pilot, into a skilled and diligent commercial pilot.

  • Make use of the wealth of knowledge and understanding that you have gained from the ATPL theory exams.

  • Become an attractive candidate to an airline or other employer.

  • Aeros Flight Training has academies across the UK and a fleet of aircraft to provide you, the student, and your families where applicable, with options.

What do you get from the course?

What do we provide?

As a student enrolling on a commercial pilot licence course, what do you get during and after the course has been completed?

Make the most of your potential, training you in a modern, dynamic commercial training environment that both meets the needs of the industry, and matches your needs as one of our students.

Make available to you the full suite of resources that we have to offer; from cutting edge Diamond DA40NG and DA42 aircraft, to experienced industry instructors. We can also offer you the full support of our Aeros Education team, who are on hand to help you develop your skills and employability-attributes outside of your flying training itself.

The Commercial Pilot Licence course has some requirements with regards to aircraft, and as with all-things aviation these can be difficult to navigate by yourself. Your operations team will provide you with options for the possible routes that you can follow to obtain your CPL.

For those customers who need the lowest possible budget, it is possible to do the Commercial Pilot Licence training course on a Piper PA28R; the arrow. Our arrows are fitted with a variety of different partial-glass cockpit upgrades to ensure that even on this more budget-constrained choice you get use of some more modern technology. The arrow is a capable single-engine tourer and has been widely used for the Commercial Pilot Licence training course for decades.

The step-up from the PA28R, and the ideal selection of aircraft for the Commercial Pilot Licence course is the Diamond DA40NG and Diamond DA42. These are the ‘best-of-the-best’ when it comes to commercial and instrument training. The DA40NG offers the same cockpit layout, glass cockpit system and very similar operation to the DA42, but at a significantly lower cost. Completing the first half of the flying in this prepares you for the DA42 step up, without burdening you with the higher price.

Halfway through your flying course you will switch to the DA42. This is required for the test as it has a retractable undercarriage.

The technical advantage given by the modern Diamond fleet makes the CPL a more relevant and up to date course. It also provides a huge crossover to the operation of the aircraft during the IR, meaning you’ll find one course or the other a little easier; depending on which you do first! This advantage is felt most greatly by those who do the IRR on the DA40, followed by the MEP, then the CBIR, then the CPL; completing your training entirely on similar-type glass cockpit aircraft.

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