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Exam prep brush-ups

Exam preparation courses are the regulatory required classroom training hours for each subject that are needed before taking the exam. At Cat3C we offer significantly more than the regulatory minimums. They are primarily aimed at our own ATO students although subject to availability we do accept external students.

Please note that if you are registered with another ATO you must attend your minimum classroom hours with them. Anything you choose to do with us is in addition to their requirements. We cannot authorise students from other ATOs to take exams based on attending one of our brush-ups.

Brush-ups at Cat3C

What is a brush-up?

Do I need a brush-up?

Brush-ups are intended to address any last-minute problem areas, particularly tricky areas and exam technique. You are expected to be broadly conversant with the subject. They are NOT intended as introductory courses, or super crammed full courses, but rather the final tune-up before the exam. Our own students must have already passed all their progress tests before attending the course. External customers are expected to be at a similar level.

Our own students are expected to do the subjects grouped by module.

Brush-up schedule 2021

Whilst we always endeavour to adhere to the dates below, it may occasionally be necessary to make amendments for operational necessity.

For external students, brush-ups are priced at £150 per day. For all CAT-100 and CAT-20 students, these brush-ups are included within your course fee. CAT-00 can purchase brush-ups at 50% discount.

Students that started their training before the end of 2019 (CAT-I, CAT-II or CAT-III) use the old module structure 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B.


  • 1B - MET, M&B, FPL

  • 2A - AGK, INS, AL

  • 2B - POF, PERF, OP


Students that started their training in 2020 (CAT-20 or CAT-100) or who have transferred across use the new module structure 1,2,3,4.

  • 1 - AGK, HPL, AL

  • 2 - MET, POF, PERF

  • 3 - GNAV, RNAV, INS

  • 4 - M&B, FPL, OP, COM

CAT-20 & CAT-100 schedule breakdown


  • HPL - 12th Jul / 20th Sep / 29th Nov

  • AL - 13th Jul / 21st Sep / 30th Nov

  • AGK - 14th-15th Jul / 22nd-23rd Sep / 1st-2nd Dec



  • MET - 30th Jun & 1st Jul / 23rd-24th Sep / 2nd-3rd Dec

  • POF - 2nd-3rd Jul / 20th-21st Sep / 29th-30th Nov

  • PERF - 3rd-4th Jul / 21st-22nd Sep / 30th Nov & 1st Dec



  • GNAV - 20th-21st Jun / 26th-27th Sep / 29th-30th Nov

  • RNAV - 24th Jun / 28th Sep / 3rd Dec

  • INS - 22nd-23rd Jun / 24th-25th Sep / 1st-2nd Dec



  • OPS - 25th Jun / 20th Aug / 29th Oct

  • FPL - 26th-27th Jun / 21st-22nd Aug / 30th-31st Oct

  • M&B - 28th-29th Jun / 23rd-24th Aug / 1st-2nd Nov

  • COM - 29th Jun / 24th Aug / 2nd Nov


*Further CAT 20 & 100 brush-ups may be added in the event of a strong rebound from the pandemic. All dates subject to change. Please check before booking.

CAT I, II, III schedule breakdown

These brush-ups are gradually being withdrawn as 2019 students work though the system. Where necessary, students will also be accommodated for individual subjects by attending new format brush-ups. There will be no further old format brush-ups after the end of 2021, although any remaining students on these courses will be catered for with individual training plans.



  • No longer offered 


  • FPL - 26th-27th Jun

  • M&B - 28th-29th Jun

  • COM - 29th Jun

  • MET - 30th Jun & 1st Jul



  • AL - 21st Sep

  • AGK - 22nd-23rd Sep

  • INS - 24th-25th Sep



  • POF - 2nd-3rd Jul / 20th-21st Sep / 29th- 30th Nov

  • PERF - 3rd-4th Jul / 21st-2nd Sep / 30th Nov & 1st Dec

  • OPS - 5th Jul / 19th Sep / 28th Nov

Please check with us before making any bookings.

Please do not book any non-refundable travel or accommodation until we have confirmed your place in writing. 

Cat3C cannot be held responsible for any non-refundable charges.

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