CAT-100 enhanced classroom ATPL theory

£5,500 Inc. VAT

Our CAT-100 course is the closest thing to full-time training you can get from a distance learning course. Yes, you will be expected to put in a certain amount of self-study, both at home and in the classroom, with your fellow students during the self-study periods. However, over a 9-month period, you will also receive 120 days (750 hours) of instructor-led classroom tuition.


Our highly experienced instructors will take you through every step of the course, using their expert knowledge of the ATPL syllabus and the subject material, to explain all that you need to know. You can then go over that material in your own time, using your Padpilot training material and practice questions to sharpen your knowledge and gain first time passes with good grades in most, if not all subjects.

We use Padpilot Apple training material for all our courses. You will be required to have an iOS device that can view, download and use these materials for the duration of the course.

CAT-100 ATPL theory

The course is divided into 4 x 10-week modules (40 weeks total). The subjects have been arranged so there is a complementary and sensible pedagogical structure to the modular composition. It is designed to ease students gently into the ATPL(A) syllabus with the first module, and thereafter increase the workload with two fairly demanding modules, before easing off again with a relatively light module to finish off.

Each module contains a number of study days and is divided as:

  • 7 weeks of tuition

  • 1-week brush-up

  • 1-week self-study

  • 1-week exams


Each 7 week period covers 1 of the following 4 modules:

Module 1

  • 010 Air Law

  • 021 AGK (Airframes, Systems & Powerplant)

  • 040 Human Performance 

Module 2

  • 050 Meteorology

  • 081 Principles of Flight

  • 032 Performance

Module 3

  • 022 AGK (Instrumentation)

  • 061 General Navigation

  • 062 Radio Navigation

Module 4

  • 031 Mass & Balance

  • 033 Flight Planning

  • 071 Operational Procedures

  • 090 Communications

Cat-100 2021 couse dates
Cat-100 2021 course dates
1st August 2022 - Confirmed
10th October 2022 - Provisional

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