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EASA & Austro Control Exams

CAT3C is an EASA ATO (approved training organisation). This approval is currently held in abeyance, as an ATO can only hold an EASA approval from one EASA member state at any one time, and comes into force when Brexit takes effect. This means that, in the event of Brexit, CAT3C will be able to provide continuous, uninterrupted training for both UK CAA exams and also EASA exams.

CAT3C is also an Austro Control approved examination centre. The first Austro Control exams were held at CAT3C in November 2019, and the timetable for future exams is produced below. Please submit all applications for Austro Control exams in the first instance to, or use the button below.

You can also find the timetable for Austro Control exams further down this page.

EASA & Austr Control Exams

May 2021


July 2021


July 2021


August 2021

30th-1st September

October 2021


November 2021


December 2021


Please check with us before making any bookings.

Please do not book any non-refundable travel or accommodation until we have confirmed your place in writing.

Cancellations must be made no later than 8 working days before the start date of the examination.

Cat3C cannot be held responsible for any non-refundable charges.

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Aeros Group Limited is an EASA and CAA Approved Training Organisation (GBR.ATO-0105) regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Copyright 2023 Aeros Group. All Rights Reserved.

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Cat3C Limited is an EASA and CAA Approved Training Organisation (GBR.ATO-0488) regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Copyright 2023 Cat3C. All Rights Reserved.