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Welcome to Aeros ATPL Theory

One of the UK's leading ATPL TKI ground schools with both enhanced classroom and distance learning self-study supported courses and tutorials. Our team of instructors are dedicated subject specialists with a high experience level.

Welcome to Cat3C
Cat3C Uk's Leading ATPL
Leading ATPL TKI ground school

Our Mission

The perfect approach to ATPL theory training

To educate and train future generations of high quality commercial pilots, who have an excellent understanding of theoretical knowledge and of their role and responsibilities as professional aviators.

About Aeros ATPL Theory 

Formed several years ago as a provider of supplemental navigation training it was eventually decided to form an approved training organisation to deliver full ATPL theory training.

Cat3c is approved by both the UK CAA and EASA. We are based at Gloucestershire Airport, Cheltenham, in the UK, offering specialised theoretical knowledge training for professional pilot licences. Student pilots choose Aeros for many reasons, including:

  • Flexibility in choice of training package

  • Small class sizes

  • Rigorously selected, experienced instructors

  • Well-proven training material

  • Reasonable prices

  • Complete distance learning courses

Cat3C Theory Ground School

Contact the Aeros ATPL theory team

Telephone : +44 (0)1452 857 419


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