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Private Pilot Licence - Theoretical Knowledge Instruction

As part of the application for a private license, you will need to take and pass exams in the following subject areas: air law, human performance, meteorology, communications, navigation, principles of flight, operational procedures, flight performance and planning and aircraft general knowledge.

Some students prefer to self-study by themselves prior to taking their exams, however, we know from experience that some subject areas can be quite complicated and you may want personalised help from one of our TKI instructors.


We have designed bespoke 1:1 instructor training for internal and external PPL students to help you master the information in each subject area. This can be completed remotely (via video) or in person at our Gloucester HQ. 


You can work directly with an Instructor to decide what subjects you need help with, and figure out how much 1:1 instruction you might need to get to the level of TKI knowledge you need with support and at a price that works for you.

PPL TKI Course Aeros

Please check with us before making any bookings.

Please do not book any non-refundable travel or accommodation until we have confirmed your place in writing. 

Cat3C cannot be held responsible for any non-refundable charges.

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