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Academy open days

Our doors are always open for a chat and a cuppa, but our open days are special. You'll get the chance to speak with students, instructors, and our first officer graduates who fly for the airlines, all while touring one of our academies and seeing the training aircraft up close. Keep an eye on our news section and social media for information on our upcoming open days.

Aeros Academy open days

Talk to our Career Advisors

Our Career and Training Advisory Team are always on hand to talk you through your training options and offer clear and concise advice on your flight training journey. You can get in touch with them directly by contacting any of our academies here.

Aeros Talk to our Career Advisors

Our students success

Our graduates fly for a huge variety of airlines and we feel privileged to have helped so many students achieve the role of First Officer and start their airline career. Our graduates fly for British Airways, Ryanair, easyJet, Turkish, Norwegian and Emirates to name just a few.

Aeros our student success

Flying Commercially

We're proud of our training, our graduates and our ethos. Following your dream doesn't need to cost the earth, that's why we've priced our Commercial Pilot Licence course competitively. We take the hassle out of your training, and get you to airline employment-ready as quickly and as safely as we can. After all, reputation is everything.

Commercial training

The Commercial Pilot Licence allows you to be paid to fly commercially. When combined with the MEP, ME/IR and MCC/JOC courses, you're able to apply for employment as a First Officer.

Reputation above all else

Our training reputation means a lot to us, that's why we pride ourselves on the quality of training we deliver and the success of our student graduates in airline employment.

How it works

A 25-hour course typically completed over a period of three weeks, conducted in both the Piper Warrior and the Piper Arrow aircraft, concluding with a CPL Skills Test. 

Pre-entry requirements

  • Passed the 14 EASA ATPL(A) examinations

  • Hold a PPL(A) with 175 flight hours

  • 100 hrs pilot-in-command (PIC)

  • Completed a 300nm cross-country flight including 2 full-stop landings at airfields other than your starting point

  • Hold a valid Class 1 Medical certificate

  • Hold a Night Rating

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Get in touch for our latest prices

Commercial Pilot Licence at Aeros

Get Your CPL

Call us directly on 02476 920110, or fill in the form below:

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