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Fastrack is a structured modular commercial pilot training course which takes our students from Zero to fATPL, CPL, MEP & MEIR which has all the advantages of a fully integrated course whilst remaining modular. This means that our students are in control of their own schedules and can train around work, family and financial commitments on a pay as they learn basis. 

Fastrack has been designed as the modular alternative to the full-time integrated commercial pilot training courses our aim is to make the aviation industry more accessible for the potential students with the burning desire for a career as a commercial pilot but without access to £100,000 minimum. This course is ideal for those who need to work whilst they train, who have to train within a commutable distance of home and who can not move abroad to complete modules of the course. So in line with the Department for Transport's (DFT's) directive, Aeros have been expanding in the UK, opening Approved Training Organisations (ATOs) in Cardiff, Coventry, Leeds East, Gloucester, Stratford upon Avon and creating partnerships with Declared Training Organisations (DTOs) in Bristol, Leeds and  Lee on Solent introducing Fastrack.

Fastrack Course Breakdown

Private Pilots Licence (PPL) - 45 hours 2 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft 

Air Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL) - 14 Theory Subjects (Optional residential or Distance course)

Structured Hours Building - 90 hours 2 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft

Instrument Rating Restricted (IRR) 15 hours 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Complex Aircraft

Night Rating (NR) - 5 hours 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft

Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) - 15 hours 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Complex Aircraft

Multi Engine Piston rating (MEP) - 6 Hours Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Aircraft Diamond DA42 & 7 hours ground school 

Multi Engine Instrument rating (MEIR) - 15 hours Diamond DA42 & 20 hours Alsim AL42

Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) - 3 hours Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aerobatic Aircraft

Interested? Then let us host you and your family for a tour.

Click the link below and a member of our team from your chosen academy will be pleased to arrange a no obligation one to one tour of our facilities, aircraft and simulators to see if Fastrack works for you.

Make the most of your time by adding a trial lesson to your visit.

Follow the link below and purchase your first flying lesson with Aeros, don't worry if you do decide to commence

training this flight will be deducted from your required time so you wont lose out.

Fastrack - Commercial Pilot Training

The UK's Leading Modular Flight Training Provider £86,995 Inc VATPay as you Fly.

Cardiff - Coventry - Gloucester - Leeds East - Stratford upon Avon 

Academy Open Days

Our doors are always open for a chat and a cuppa, but our open days are special. You'll get the chance to speak with students, instructors, and our first officer graduates who fly for the airlines, all while touring one of our academies and seeing the training aircraft up close. Keep an eye on our news section and social media for information on our upcoming open days.

 Career Advisors

Our Career and Training Advisory Team are always on hand to talk you through your training options and offer clear and concise advice on your flight training journey. You can get in touch with them directly by contacting any of our academies here.

Our Graduate Success

Aeros has an industry leading Graduate Placement rate of 97%.


 We feel privileged to have helped thousands of students achieve their role as First Officers (FOs) for British Airways, Jet2, Ryanair, EasyJet, Turkish Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Norwegian Airlines and Emirates and many more.

Fastrack Pilot Training - why pay more?

We're proud of our training, our graduates and our ethos. Following your dream doesn't need to cost the earth, that's why we've priced our Fastrack course from £74,995 to £89,995. We take the hassle out of your training, and get you to airline employment-ready as quickly and as safely as we can. After all, reputation is everything.

Join Aeros Fastrack

Call us directly on 02476 920110, or fill in the form below:

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