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Aeros and Cat3C launch new website

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Aeros Group and Cat3C have launched a brand new joint website hosting both the Aeros and Cat3C brands, course information and company information to offer a complete modular flight training solution in one place.

Aeros Cat3C New Website Launch

The new site acts to solidify the Aeros and Cat3C partnership and training offerings, highlighting all courses run by Aeros, one of the UK’s leading modular flight training schools, alongside those from Cat3C, a leader in ATPL Theory Training.

Between the two flight schools, future student pilots can now explore a complete suite of modular training options from zero-hour experience all the way through to complete Frozen ATPL, as well as multiple ATPL theory training courses available and beyond.

Aviation marketing specialists, Colossal Motion, redesigned the website to reflect the development of both companies and capture the essence of the brands and their key values.

CEO of Aeros Flight Training, Nick Dunn, says, “As Aeros continues to grow and develop to meet the high teaching standards students deserve and require, it’s really exciting to see our website do the same. This is a brand new platform that I feel highlights everything Aeros and Cat3C can offer and that we care about. Not only does it give us the space to highlight our large variety of courses and training options, but also showcases the amazing attributes Aeros has as a whole including our team, both Flight Instructors and office staff, the ever expanding Aeros fleet and the variety of bases we have across the UK. I’m really looking forward to seeing the impact this new website has on the future of Aeros and Cat3C and where it takes us going forward.”

Nigel Orme, Managing Director of Cat3C, says “We have always worked closely with Aeros, ensuring our students have the best possible experience moving between their flight training and ours. This new website now encompasses everything that we offer and work hard for, before students have even committed to training with us. It makes it easier for future students to see what we can offer and find out more about us at Cat3C and Aeros in order to make the correct flight training decisions for themselves. We are really excited about the website and look forward to continuously growing both the website and Cat3C itself.”

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