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Aeros Group partners with Planespeak to deliver RT training and ELP testing

The Aeros Group ( ) has announced their Strategic Partnership with

Planespeak Ltd (

Planespeak Ltd will provide all Aeros student pilots with fully qualified CAA and EASA

instructors who will deliver Radiotelephony courses (RTF) with the associated theory and

practical examinations for the application of their Flight Radiotelephony Operators License

(FRTOL), which is a mandatory requirement for pilots operating aeronautical radio

equipment onboard aircraft in order to speak on aeronautical frequencies.

This specialised training will give Aeros student pilots a commercial level of understanding

on the radio at the very first stage of their pilot training.

In addition, it will provide students with an invaluable skill as they navigate their different

modules of flight training as well as highlight areas for development that can be addressed

throughout the course.

This partnership now also means that the Aeros Group can offer English Language

Proficiency (ELP) testing for ICAO Level 4, 5 and 6 and the test of English for aeronautical

communications for both EASA and the UK CAA.

The courses and testing will be held at Aeros Coventry and Gloucester academies.

Aeros Strategic Director Nigel Orme says ‘we are incredibly pleased to partner with

Planespeak who are known for their forward thinking and excellence in both RT courses and

ELP testing. Aeros student pilots along with our Cat3C TKI program will benefit immensely

from the knowledge of the Planespeak instructors.’

Andy Moon, Planespeak Ltd Director says “we are delighted to partner with Aeros who

share the same passion as we do for professional and industry leading training. Delivering

‘standardised’ radiotelephony training at the early stages of flight training is proven to

increase a student pilots’ performance in particular when progressing to solo navigation

flights, allowing them to concentrate on the flying and navigating. Every student will benefit

from face to face ground school inputs from highly experienced instructors as well as having

lifetime access to an interactive RTF training tool which will help them develop throughout

their flight training and beyond obtaining a FRTOL. Planespeak Ltd are now approved by the

UK CAA and EASA to offer in house TEAC exams for the issue of ELP certificates level 4 – 6.

For non-native English speaking candidates, this makes testing accessible and convenient

more than ever before!’

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