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Cat3C appoints Captain Richard Dale as Head of Safety and Compliance

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Cat3C based at Gloucester Airport announced today that Captain Richard Dale will be their new Head of Safety and Compliance. Cat3C provides TKI (theoretical knowledge instruction)-ground school for ATPL pilots and is both UK CAA and EASA approved along with being an Austro-Control exam Centre.

Head of Safety Captain Richard Dale

Richard Dale has been involved in military and civilian aviation for over 30 years. He started teaching ATPL ground school in 2001 and over the years has worked for several flight schools with integrated, modular full-time and modular distance-learning courses.

In addition, he was a flight instructor and charter pilot flying in light piston twins. As well as flying all over Europe in King Air’s Richard was appointed to previous ATO posts as Chief Pilot, Training Manager and Quality Manager.

Over the last few years while working as a TKI instructor and tutor Richard has worked as an external expert contractor with EASA writing questions for the ECQB and auditing various ATOs in their ground and flight training.

Nigel Orme, Managing Director/Accountable Manager says ‘the depth and breadth of Richards background speaks for itself. We are delighted to have such a seasoned professional onboard with our team in such an important role.’

For more information, please contact Cat3C Marketing Manager at

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