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Aeros Group & Cat3C launch 2021 Education Prospectus

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

The Education Division of Aeros Group and Cat3C have just released their 2021 Prospectus.

The new Aeros Group Prospectus is now available from their website: 2021 Aeros Group Prospectus

Launch of Aeros Prospectus 2021

Aeros is the largest modular flight school/ATO (Approved Training Organisation) in the UK with bases in Doncaster, Coventry, Gloucester, Wellesbourne and Cardiff. Supporting the TKI (Theoretical Knowledge Instruction) for the Aeros Group is Cat3C based at their Education Campus on Gloucester Airport.

Aeros and Cat3C Head of Education, Aryan Arji says, “This is a culmination of a great deal of work from both the Aeros and Cat3C teams, designed to meet the highest expectations of students and employers, and to ensure that our students are able to develop a real edge when preparing for airline applications. In collaboration with our education partners, we have designed bespoke, comprehensive pathways for all current and future students.”

The Aeros Group extension programmes now include advanced career-orientated courses, such as:

  • Flight Deck Resilience and Professional Skills

  • Introduction to Multi-crew Coordination

  • Crew Resource Management

  • Advanced Avionics

  • Air Accident Investigation

  • Airline Assessment Preparation

  • Upright Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)

  • Airline Pilot Standard Multi-crew Cooperation (APS/MCC)

  • A320 Type Rating Ground School

Arji continues, “Project CAPPP (Cat3C & Aeros Professional Pilot Programme) involves a revolutionary approach to pilot training, incorporating modern pedagogical techniques to provide educational programmes designed to elevate our provision to a new gold standard in aviation teaching and learning.”

Nigel Orme, Cat3C Managing Director and Strategy Director for Aeros Groups says, “The educational component of training within the Aeros Group has always been our focus, giving student pilots one of the most comprehensive programmes available in the UK and Europe. As we expand into the US and extend our university partnerships, we now have the ability to offer a new level of provision that creates defined pathways to employment, as the global aviation sector starts bouncing back.’

For more information on the Prospectus or the Education Division of Aeros Group please contact Head of Education, Aryan Arji at For marketing details or information please contact Kieron Baker at

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