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First Cat3C Mixed Classroom and Remote-video Course

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Cat3C Limited, based at Gloucester Airport, this week began their very first locationally mixed full-time ATPL theory course.

The CAT-100 course is being attended by twelve cadets, with four attending the course via remote video link, and the other eight attending in person at Cat3Cs Gloucester Airport Training Facility.

Cat3C Mixed Classroom and Video Learning

The ability to offer such flexibility with training has allowed Cat3C to give assurances regarding the continuity of cadets ATPL Theory training, with courses now able to run uninterrupted should anything prevent them from attending classes in person.

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cat3C swiftly pivoted to offer all of its training via remote video link, with students taking advantage of this option from the off as they start this course with both classroom-based and remote video students.

Cat3C have maintained the ability to offer courses, brush-ups and tutorials remotely and is a service they are continuing to invest in. This course marks the first in their new Gloucester Airport training facility, with more space to practice safe social distancing, as well as upgrades to their classroom technology. Cat3C is now at the forefront of UK ATPL theory training.

Nigel Orme, Cat3C Managing Director, says ‘The flexibility in training at Cat3C has been vastly improved as we continue to look at new ways to innovate the classroom environment. Our new training facility at Gloucester Airport, coupled with our ability to offer both remote and classroom based training in combination, has allowed us to push the curve in regards to what we, as a leading aviation training provider, can offer pilots in training.’

Cat3C have recently announced their full course schedule for 2021 with the knowledge that training can continue uninterrupted for all future courses.

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