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Cat3C Announces Aryan Arji as New Head of Education

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Cat3C Limited, based at Gloucester Airport and part of the Aeros Group, announced the creation and selection of their new Head of Education. Aryan Arji, formerly a commercial pilot with Flybe, will be settling into his new role over the coming weeks.

Cat3C provides TKI (Theoretical Knowledge Instruction) to ATPL students and is a leader in pilot TKI training.

‘We are delighted to have Aryan onboard’, says Nigel Orme, Cat3C Managing Director, ‘Not only does he bring a wealth of experience as a pilot and instructor, his background as a lecturer and educational manager with previous roles delivering further education and instruction of the hughest quality made him a perfect fit for this role.’

Aryan has over ten years of senior experience in education, managing large departmental teams and numerous regional, national and international projects. He has studied at Cambridge, Glasgow, Heidelberg, Southampton and Worcester Universities, and received the Queen’s Award for outstanding academic achievement and resilience.

In anticipation of the role, Aryan says, ‘I am excited by the prospect of working with a company that is both ambitious and reflective, continuously seeking out new ways of providing the best courses and learning experiences for our students.’

More will follow with Cat3C as it expands its training capabilities with investments in their classrooms, digital equipment, simulators and enhanced course offerings.

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