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Pilot Training Course - Pilot Licences - PPL & CPL

Welcome to Aeros

The UK’s Leading Modular

Pilot Training Organisation 

Fastrack Course

A complete modular commercial pilot training programme designed to take ambitious beginners from zero-hour pilots to airline pilot employment-ready in a safe and career-oriented way. The course is modular in design to work around you.

Modular Commercial Pilot Licence

ATPL Theory

ATPL TKI ground school with both classroom and distance learning self-study supported courses and tutorials, delivered by highly experienced airline pilot instructors.

Airline Transport Pilot Licence

PPL Course

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course combines practical flight training and the theoretical knowledge required to fly light aeroplanes. This is the first step for a career in professional aviation.

Private Pilot Licence

Student Testimonials

Thank you all very much for getting me through my Commercial Pilot License (CPL), MEP & MEIR. I really enjoyed all the flight training and found everyone at Aeros to be friendly, professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Matt Valle

First Officer - Ryanair

Easily the best Pilot Training outfit I have ever flown with. Every part of the experience was excellent, from the aircraft to the staff who are all exceptionally helpful, patient and very understanding. They all went far beyond what was expected. I will definitely be returning to complete my instructor course.

Nick Hall

Aeros Graduate

I visited all the integrated schools but was concerned I would only be a number in a big regimented system. I wanted to be trained as an individual at my own pace with a dedicated instructor. I found this at Aeros, passed my courses first time and now have money left to pay for a type rating to get a job. And no debt!

Andy Broad

First Officer - Emirates

Private & Commercial Pilot Licence Success Stories

Traning Reputation Above All Else
Student Success at Aero

Our students success

Our graduates fly for a huge variety of airlines and we feel privileged to have helped so many students achieve the role of First Officer and start their airline career.

Reputation above all else

Our training reputation means a lot to us, that's why we pride ourselves on the quality of training we deliver and the success of our student graduates in airline employment.

Aeros Established in 1986

This is Aeros

Established in 1986, we have bases in Cardiff, Coventry, Gloucester, Wellesbourne and Doncaster, and have an enviable reputation as the UK’s leading modular flight training school.


Frequently asked Private & Commercial Pilot Training Questions

  • ​How do you become a commercial airline pilot?
    ​The minimum age to start pilot training is 14 but to get an (f)ATPL you need to be 21 or over. It can take anywhere from 16-18 months to qualify if you have no prior experience. Commercial airline pilot training is a significant financial investment with training costing anywhere between £70,000 and £100,000.
  • ​Where are Aeros based?
    Aeros were established in 1986 and have bases in Cardiff, Coventry, Doncaster, Gloucester and Wellesbourne. Our academies are open 7 days a week and we have a variety of courses available to suit your requirements.
  • ​What courses are available?
    Aeros offers a variety of courses to suit any aviation requirements you may have. Our Fastrack course is designed as an alternative to full time integrated courses, making it a more accessible way of becoming a commercial pilot. Private pilot licence, commercial pilot licence, ATPL theory, night rating, multi engine piston rating and instrument rating are some of the courses we have to offer.
  • ​What planes are in your fleet?
    We have a fleet of planes available from many different manufacturers including Diamond Aircraft, Alsim, Piper and Cessna. If you want to know more information about our fleet then take a look at our dedicated fleet page.
  • ​How much does it cost to become a pilot?
    Becoming a pilot is a significant financial investment but we have a fast track course which is designed to alleviate this problem. The course is between £63,340 to £89,000 and is a structured modular course. This means you are able to train around work and other commitments on a pay as you learn basis.
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