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Aeros Fastrack

A complete training programme designed to take ambitious beginners from zero-hour pilots to airline employment-ready in a safe and career oriented way.

Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course combines practical flight training and the theoretical knowledge required to fly light aeroplanes. This is the first step for a career in professional aviation.

Aeros ATPL Theory

ATPL TKI ground school with both classroom and distance learning self-study supported courses and tutorials, delivered by highly experienced airline pilot instructors.

Night Rating & IR(R) Rating

The Night Rating course comprises 5 hours of night flying, including navigation and circuits, at an aerodrome. There is also a small amount of theoretical knowledge instruction, but no exam.

Multi-engine Piston Rating

A Multi-engine Piston Rating allows you to fly twin-engine aircraft that provide the additional safety of having two engines instead of just one. If you intend to take up a professional flying career, the MEP Rating is an essential step.

Instrument Rating

A full Instrument Rating (IR) course is 55 hours, but this is reduced to 45 hours if you already hold a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). We recommend splitting the course into two phases.

Commercial Pilot Licence

The Commercial Pilot Licence allows you to be paid to fly commercially. When combined with the MEP, ME/IR and MCC/JOC courses, you're able to apply for employment as a First Officer.


Designed specifically to prepare you to work as part of an effective flight crew, the MCC is a mandatory requirement on your journey to becoming a First Officer.

Flight Instructor

Our Flight Instructor (FI) course typically takes between five to six weeks (full-time). FI course training can take place at any of our Aeros bases, either full-time or part-time, and typically with a maximum of two students per FI Instructor.

How to Become a Pilot with Aeros

Aeros Flight Training has specialised in Private and Commercial flight training in the UK for over 30 years

With bases in Cardiff, Coventry, Gloucester, Wellesbourne and Doncaster we’re Europes leading modular flight training provider. Our EASA Part-FCL-approved ATO (GBR.ATO-0105), state-of-the-art facilities and modern training fleet will make your flying experience seamless, hassle-free and an experience you'll never forget.

We pride ourselves on our professional service from start to finish and can help with any flight training request. Whether you're looking to fly as a hobby, aspire to become a commercial pilot, or if you already hold a pilot licence, we have training options and aircraft rental packages aplenty.

Whatever you’re looking for, getting in touch with the academy closest to you is the best place to start!

Why you should choose Aeros

Why Choose Aeros?

  • A large and varied aircraft fleet including glass cockpit-equipped aircraft

  • Internationally-recognised reputation

  • 100% first series pass rate

  • Airline Pilot Flight Instructors

  • Excellent positive customer feedback

  • One of the best graduate airline employment rates in Europe

  • One-to-one training ratio

  • 7-days a week training

  • Tailor-made courses

Contact Us

Our friendly team are available to discuss how you can start your commercial pilot career with our modular course and guidance

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