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  • Aeros - Flight Bag

Aeros - Flight Bag


Product Details


A great starter pack to get the student pilot into the air which includes all the study equipment required to complete the Private Pilots Licence.


This pack contains the following items:

1.APM Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7
2.Pooleys Spiral United Kingdom Flight Guide (latest edition)
3.Pooleys NM-2 Scale Ruler
4.Pooleys PP-1 Protractor
5.Pooleys CRP-1 Computer
6.Pooleys CB-3 Kneeboard & VFR Log Pad
7.Pooleys PPL Log Book
8.Set of permanent Lumocolour Markers
9.CAA 1:500,000 chart of your local area (please specify area required)
10.Pooleys FC-8 Case.


Purcahse the complete kit to save £££'s when compared to purchasing the products individually. 

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