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  • Diamond DA42 - Flight Experience
  • Diamond DA42 - Flight Experience

Diamond DA42 - Flight Experience


How would you like to take control of a twin engine light aircraft and experience flying one of our amazing Diamond DA42s? Our 60 minute trial flying lesson is available for 1 and 2 passenger ar any Aeros academy.


After being familiarised with the aircraft that you’ll be flying, and a quick safety briefing, you'll taxi to the runway and set off for an amazing experience. Once you are in the air, you will have some wonderful views of the surrounding villages and towns, being able to take in the idyllic landscapes in England.


During this trial flying lesson, you will be able to take control of the plane under your instructors safety supervision. It is an ideal time to get a feel for flying, especially if flying may be something you are interested in training in.


This flying experience if amazing for future training pilots or if you just want to cross something off your bucket list.


*The location selected will have no impact on pricing and these will only be available from Gloucester, Coventry and Doncaster.*

  • Our digital gift vouchers are blank so you can print them off and write the details of your purchase, and a message, on them.

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