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Aeros have partnered with Wings Airline Academy in Florida and are pleased to introduce Fastrack USA. Fastrack can now be completed in 18 months on a full time basis with our next intake commencing phase 1 on the 5th June 2023.

Fastrack Pilot Training - USA

Fastrack – Modular Commercial Pilot Training

Our US Partnership provides our students with the exciting prospect of completing phase 1 with Wings Airline Academy in Florida (USA), returning to our UK based ATO in Gloucester to complete phase 2.

Our modular program allows you to structure your training based on your availability and preferences. The two-phase course covers various modules that prepare you for a successful career as a commercial pilot. With our proven track record, many of our Fastrack graduates go on to fly for leading airlines such as BA, Ryan Air and Easy Jet as well as gaining employment on many private jet operators.

Like our regular Fastrack Pilot Training, your training is split into two phases. The core difference is that we’re working with Wings Airline Academy in Florida to give you the chance to do phase 1 of your training (including the longer hour building module) in the clear skies of Florida which will greatly accelerate your progress through the course.

Phase 1 of your training will focus on:


  • Theoretical Knowledge Instruction.

  • FAA PPL Written Exam

  • FAA Part 141 Approved Private Pilot’s License Course including night privileges

  • FAA PPL Practical Test (Check ride)

  • EASA PPL Flight Test

  • FAA IR Theoretical Knowledge Instruction 

  • FAA Part 141 Approved Instrument Rating Course 

  • FAA IR Written Exam 

  • FAA IR Practical Test (Check ride) 

  • PIC Time Building

Once you’ve completed phase 1 you’ll come back to the UK to complete phase two fo your training which will focus on your examinations and conversions. 

Phase 2


  •  UK PPL Standardisation & Conversion Course

  • MEP 

  • FAA to UK/EASA MEIR Conversion


  • UPRT

Contact Us

Our friendly team are available to discuss how you can start your commercial pilot career with our modular course and guidance

Why Fastrack - Modular vs Integrated Flight Training

Most flight training courses that allow you to become a Commercial Pilot are very costly, and take a lot of time to complete. These Integrated training courses are built around making your training your life and you will be expected to pay for everything at once.

We don’t believe that is the best way to train people to become commercial pilots. Which is why we created Fastrack as a modular pilot training course that’s significantly more accessible for the average person. With this idea at the heart of how we structure our courses, we’ve ensured that Fastrack is:

1) Uses a structured payment plan.

With Fastrack, you’ll pay for the modules in a structured payment plan. This means you know exactly what to budget for and means you do not need to pay for the entire course upfront like other providers.

2) Allows the training to be completed in minimum time.

Sacrificing your life to live out your dream to become a commercial pilot is not how things should be. With our modular Fastrack USA course, training like this is a thing of the past as you’ll be able to complete your training in as quickly as 17 months meaning as little time out of your life as possible.

3)  Have an obvious path to take you from flight enthusiast to fully qualified commercially licenced pilot.

We understand that every aspiring commercial pilot has unique career goals, whether that be private jets, turbo-props or airliners and unique training requirements. That's why our modular program covers a wide range of courses, which can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

Our course is divided into groups of modules based on common themes, allowing you to focus your attention on the areas that are most relevant to your current career aspirations. This approach enables you to optimize your training time and energy by prioritizing the modules that matter most to you at any given point.

With Fastrack, you have the flexibility to organize your training in a way that suits your career goals and personal circumstances, making your journey to becoming a fully qualified commercial pilot efficient and effective.

Your Fastrack Journey to a Commercial Pilot

We are committed to supporting you at every stage of your journey towards becoming a commercially licensed pilot. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Assistance in finding a CCA accredited medical examiner to obtain your health clearance for flight training

  • Provision of Ground School training to help you master the theoretical knowledge required for flying

  • Access to experienced instructors to guide you through practical flight training

  • We cater to pilots of all levels of experience, whether you are a complete beginner or have already started your training elsewhere and need to complete your final modules.


Our top priority is to ensure that you have access to the aircraft and flight hours required to become a fully accredited pilot. Each module has different flight hour requirements, and we will ensure that you receive the necessary flying time to meet the requirements for your license.


Choose Fastrack, and you'll receive comprehensive support every step of the way towards achieving your dream of becoming a commercial pilot.


In Air Requirements for Modules

Phase 1 - USA

  • ​Private Pilots Licence (PPL) - 45 hours in a 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft

  • Night Rating (NR) - 5 hours in a 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft

  • Structured Hours Building - 90 hours in a 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft

  • FAA Instrument rating – 50 Hours in a 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aircraft

Phase 2 - UK

  • Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) - 15 hours in a 4 seat Single Engine Piston (SEP) Complex Aircraft

  • Multi Engine Piston rating (MEP) - 6 Hours in a Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Aircraft Diamond DA42 & 7 hours ground school

  • UK/EASA Multi Engine Instrument rating (MEIR) conversion course - 5 hours  in a Diamond DA42 & 10 hours in an Alsim AL42

  • Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) - 3 hours in a Single Engine Piston (SEP) Aerobatic Aircraft

 Aeros Locations - Where do I study Fastrack?

Our US Fastrack courses is split between the Wings Airline Academy in Florida, giving you the advantage of learning to fly in clear skies for Phase 1, and a range of Aeros academies located across the UK for phase 2 of your training.

Certain parts of the course for Phase 2 are only able to completed at specific locations in the UK. The full list of which locations are used for specific courses is




  • UK/EASA MEIR conversion



Leeds East


  • UK/EASA MEIR conversion





  • UK MEIR conversion









Course Costs & Funding

At Aeros, we understand that funding can be a concern for prospective students, even with our modular pay-as-you-learn approach. However, there are various funding options available, including:


a) Bank Loans - While this may seem like a challenging option due to interest rates, the starting salary for a starting airline pilot is approximately £50,000, and you can progress to earn up to approximately £180,000 a year. This makes the loan affordable in the long run.”

At Aeros, we are committed to supporting you in finding the best funding option to suit your individual circumstances, so that you can pursue your dream of becoming a commercial pilot with confidence.

Why Train With  Aeros

 With over 30 years  of experience teaching pilots to fly, Aeros is one of the leading flight schools in the UK and we bring that experience to bear for every student we work with. That’s one of the reasons we have such a high placement rate for students getting a job after competing our commercial training courses.

Unlike other flight schools, we also offer quality career advice and professional interview and assessment support that will not only help you get a job, but will even help you choose what sort of courses should go into your modular course based on what your career goals are.

Aeros Tour & Enrolment

We would be delighted to help you learn more about our Fastrack Modular Commercial Pilot training program. You can get in touch with us to arrange an exploratory call with one of our career advisors, who can provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your flight training.


Alternatively, if you would like to visit our flight schools in person, we encourage you to attend one of our Academy open days. This is an excellent opportunity to speak to current students and graduates, get an up-close look at our aircraft, and learn more about our training programs. Keep an eye on our news section and social media channels for information on our upcoming open days.


At Aeros, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and embark on an exciting career as a commercial pilot. So, don't hesitate to contact us and take the first step towards your dream of flying.

Fastrack Pilot Training- USA

Aeros have partnered with Wings Airline Academy in Florida and are pleased to introduce Fastrack USA. Fastrack can now be completed in 18 months on a full-time basis with our next intake commencing phase 1 on the 5th of June 2023.

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