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Our CPL, MEP and MEIR Commercial Flying Courses here at Aeros is a combined course.


Our Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) allows you to be paid to fly commercially. This 25 hour course is to be completed over 3 weeks, concluding with a CPL Skills Test. (Combining this course with the MEP, ME/IR and MCC/JOC course and you’ll be able to apply as a First Officer).


Our Multi-engine Piston Rating (MEP) course allows you to fly a twin-engine aircraft. This course consists of 7 hours of ground school lessons, an exam and then 6 hours in our Diamond DA42. This is then followed by an MEP Skills Test. If you are interested in a professional flying career then the MEP Rating is essential.


Our Multi-engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) is a qualification that allows students to fly in the same manner as airline pilots. This course consists of 55 hours of flight training and at leat 25 hours of theoretical tuition. If you already hold a CPL, your training will be reduced by 10 hours making it a 45 hour course.

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    Aeros Group Limited is an EASA and CAA Approved Training Organisation (GBR.ATO-0105) regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Copyright 2023 Aeros Group. All Rights Reserved.

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    Cat3C Limited is an EASA and CAA Approved Training Organisation (GBR.ATO-0488) regulated by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. Copyright 2023 Cat3C. All Rights Reserved.