Aeros Graduate’ Extraordinary Flights

Making The Aeros Team Proud:

The following people who were recently trained by Aeros have carried out a flight a little out of the ordinary!


  • Belinda Glover PPL Channel Islands Wellesbourne
  • Guy Wakely PPL/IMC Ibiza Wellesbourne/Greenland
  • Roy Whitehead PPL/IMC France/Germany Gloucester
  • Andrew Stephinson PPL/IMC Mallorca Wellesbourne
  • Josh Turner PPL/CPL/MEIR/FIC Holland/France/Germany Wellesbourne/Gloucester
  • Andrew Graham PPL CPL Scotland Filton
  • Ed Colleridge Smith PPL Denmark Wellesbourne
  • Nick Williams PPL/CPL/MEIR Scotland Gloucester
  • Francios Du Part PPL France Filton
  • Maggie and Jon Filkin PPL/ France


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