Aeros Bristol makes it 7 in 7 years!


The Bristol Flying School announces the construction of new premises at
Bristol Lulsgate airport. The new facilities will be home to The Bristol &
Wessex Aeroplane Club and Aeros Flight Training the commercial flight training
arm of the renowned Aeros Group.


Barry Bailey, Managing Director of Bristol Flying School added that since the
purchase of Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club in 2009 we have been working
hard with Bristol Airport to identify the right investment opportunity and we are
proud that we are now making this a reality in 2014. The club has an
unmatched history in the Bristol area dating back to 1927 and with the
construction of The Bristol Flying School the future remains set to meet the
original club aim; to promote civil GA flying in Bristol and the surrounding


Regarding the expansion of The Aeros Group Managing Director Nick Dunn,
expressed Aeros delight at coming back to Bristol and teaming up with Bristol
& Wessex on this exciting development. He went on to say that Aeros had
been seeking a facility at Bristol since they were forced to close their
operations at Bristol Filton in 2011 due to the airfield closure. Nick said This
is the second flight training centre that we will have opened this year, taking
the Group to seven training centres overall. This development fits well with
Aeros growth strategy of opening centres in all major UK conurbations. We
currently have training centres at Gloucester, Cardiff, and Stratford-upon-
Avon, Coventry and Nottingham and our new site at Cranfield which opened
in February. These are supported by engineering facilities at Gloucester and
Nottingham. Bristol Lulsgate is an ideal location for the development of GA for
the area construction will take place throughout 2nd June mid-September with a
planned official opening day on September 27th, although the facility may be
fully operational by early September. The Bristol Flying School comprising
Bristol & Wessex Aeroplane Club and Aeros Flight Training will offer flight
training for the whole range of aviation licences and ratings, regulated by the
UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in accordance with common European rules
and regulations overseen by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
This will offer budding recreational aviators or aspiring professional pilot
access to training in pursuance of the Light Aircraft Pilot License (LAPL),
Private Pilot Licence (PPL), Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) and Airline
Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) including ratings to operate Single Engine
Piston (SEP) and Multi Engine Piston (MEP) aircraft as well as Night
Qualifications, Instrument Ratings (IR), IR(R) and Flight Instructors Courses

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