Aeros Flight Training & the RAF Flying Clubs’ Association Sign Partnership

Aeros Flight Training and the RAF Flying Clubs’ Association (RAFFCA) are delighted to announce the signing of a Training Alliance agreement. In a ceremony at Aeros Coventry HQ, Air Commodore Al Seymour, Chairman of RAFFCA, and Tom Dunn, CEO Aeros Flight Training, signed the agreement which launches a range of partnership activities. This includes bespoke training advice on military to commercial credits and training pathways, support to RAFFCA members progressing to CPL and higher training and access to some of Aeros specialised training assessment capabilities. In addition, the next intake of the increasingly successful RAF Junior Ranks Pilot Scholarship Scheme will receive a tour and briefing day at Aeros HQ as part of their scholarship training.

aeros-x-raffcaWing Commander Matt Lane, RAFFCA Head of Training, said “We are extremely excited about our new partnership with Aeros. Our fourteen RAFFCA training clubs are going from strength-to-strength and we have delivered a record number of first solo and licence achievements in 2016. Aeros are an absolutely first rate training organisation with excellent aircraft, staff and facilities and a management team that share our ethos and values. Having the links to a commercial training pathway is a fantastic opportunity for our clubs and members. A number of RAFFCA members are already undergoing commercial level training with Aeros and we look forward to seeing many more go on to post PPL success’.

Managing Director Nick Dunn said “Aeros have been a very longstanding provider of flight training to Armed Forces staff, principally converting military pilots to civilian commercial airline pilots. This has been in partnership with ELCAS who help to fund lifelong learning.

We now look forward to providing support and advice to RAFFCA’s members as they progress through their commercial training.

Aeros is the UK’s leading supplier of modular flight training courses. This allows students the flexibility to train at times they choose (seven days a week) and, with five EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approved locations, in many cases near to their homes.

We are delighted to be part of this new arrangement and pleased that the RAFFCA have shown confidence in our courses and our reputation.”aeros-raffca-2

More information on Aeros Flight Training can be found at and RAFFCA at and


Spectacular Things Pilots See Everyday

Airline pilots are lucky enough to have their office at an altitude of approximately 40,000 feet, which almost guarantees them the most magnificent, breathtaking sights of all; ones that you can’t quite get by looking out of any old office window. These impressive views include both man-made and natural beauties, which just set themselves apart from the rest, including comets and meteors, thunderstorms, lightening streaks, the northern lights, space shuttle and rocket launches, and many more.

Here are some of the stunning sights as seen from the cockpit, which you wouldn’t get to see in the same way anywhere else:

Northern Lights


Now that really is spectacular. Although not exclusively seen from an airplane, the northern lights just look celestial when flying at night, and without the bright city lights, it’s perfect for getting the best view of the beautiful, majestic colours of the aurora borealis.



This impressive image was taken by pilot Santiago Borja whilst flying at an altitude of around 37,000 feet. The shot captures the moment that lightening struck, and you can see how huge this thunderstorm is and just imagine its power. Though stunning to look at from afar, it wouldn’t be at all pleasant to get caught up in it!



A view just as simple as a sunrise easily makes a pilot’s office view more enviable than that of anybody else’s. A sunrise is beautiful anywhere you are, but seeing it from up in the clean air, and with nothing impeding your view just makes it that little bit more peaceful and serene.

The Alps

Now this is a view that you really cannot get anywhere else; only at extremely high altitudes can you see The Alps in all their beauty. Not only that, but this isn’t a view that any regular job permits on a daily basis either!


It’s one of those things that would probably never get boring; you could never tire from seeing The Alps like you would seeing the same old houses across the street.

F18 Hornet Training – Up Close And Personal!

Ever wondered what its like to train as a fighter pilot?

This video gives amazing insight, into how close these boys really fly….15 FEET!!!! Thats pretty close, given the speed and cost of these machines!

Don’t forget that Aeros can provide both Commercial Flight Training, and Military conversions (ELCAS Approved) if you’ve already done the above, and now quite fancy life in the commercial world…give us a call!